martes, 5 de junio de 2012

Groupwise Inc. Responsibility

Based in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, Groupwise Inc. allows stressed timeshare owners to find relief from maintenance fees on a property they use infrequently or are struggling to sell.

Instead of offering listing or resale services, Groupwise Inc. offers viable financial options to release timeshare owners from maintenance fees. Property owners who have a reservation at their property but are interested in Groupwise Inc.’s services can still take advantage of the program provided that they take responsibility for the maintenance fees associated with their reservation.

Groupwise Inc.’s savvy business model was developed by resort industry experts in 1995. The company’s founders recognized that not all property owners could justify the continued expenses, and set out to develop a feasible program to remove their financial burdens.

Timeshare owners and owners of resort property can find more information on the Groupwise Inc.’s website The firm can be reached by phone at (877) 981-6120.

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