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Groupwise Inc. Seasons

Most timeshare resorts have times of the year when the demand is higher than others. These times of the year are referred to as the "season", much the same way as hotels rate the times of the year as being "on season" and "off season", and where rates vary substantially according to the time of year. Accordingly, timeshare sales prices and values differ substantially depending upon what time of year the owner is privileged to use the timeshare. The season of a timeshare also improves its standing if that timeshare is being offered for an exchange.

Timeshare exchange companies like RCI (Resort Condominiums International) and I.I. (Interval International) have seasonal designations pertaining to greater or lesser member demand for space at the resort. These designations are color coded. For RCI, Red time signifies greater demand, White time signifies average demand and Blue time signifies lesser demand.

Red is the most valuable and owners of a Red week can request the prime times of the year in exchange, as well as the lesser-demand times of the year. In other words, owners of Red weeks can request any of the 52 weeks of the year. For standard exchanges White or Blue time owners are limited to the non-prime times of the year to exchange into a resort. The RCI Directory designates for each resort, which weeks of the year are rated as Red, White, or Blue. For I.I. Interval International, the same concept applies, but the I.I. colors for the same seasonal demand periods, are Red, Yellow, and Green.

Having a timeshare with a good season doesn t necessarily mean that a timeshare is for keeps. Due to the tough economic times, timeshare owners would rather give up their timeshare because of the costly fees. But timeshares are very difficult to dispose; selling is not an option either. One company offers a solution for a person that have unwanted timeshare and that is Group Wise Inc.

Group Wise Inc. helps clients find solutions to their resort Property obligations in a way that makes sound financial sense. Group Wise Inc. is a company that was formed in 1995 by an expert team of resort industry professionals with a goal of providing assistance to timeshare owners who need solutions for their difficult-to-sell or unwanted resort properties. At Group Wise Inc., they focus on one thing: acquiring unwanted timeshares. Group Wise Inc. offer assistance to resort property owners through a unique program in which their obligations are removed through financially-sound business practices. Group Wise Inc. ., targets their assistance to resort property owners who are struggling to sell or not using their properties, or is concerned about the mounting maintenance fees and special assessments they continue to accrue.

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