lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

Groupwise Inc. Business Model

Groupwise was formed by a talented group of professionals who saw the need for providing real financial solutions to timeshare owners who wanted out of their properties. Our long-running expertise in the industry taught us that many people do not utilize their timeshare or resort property enough to justify paying the costly annual maintenance fees and other costs related to ownership. Consequently, we set out to form a business model that would successfully provide assistance to timeshare owners' financial obligations.

Our business model is a proven one as we have successfully provided solutions to timeshare owners' financial obligations since 1995. We take inquiries every day, in fact, from timeshare owners all over the country who are seeking solutions to their resort property obligations. It is that very experience that makes us the premier choice for timeshare financial assistance.

At Groupwise, we are committed in offering all of our clients a unique win-win approach that guarantees nothing but success.

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