lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

Groupwise Inc. Huge Success

Resort Property Ownership can be a wonderful investment, allowing a family, newly-married, retired couple, or even singles to enjoy the resort lifestyle. According to Wikipedia, more than 5,400 timeshare resorts exist worldwide, with 31 percent of those in North America.

Our business model has been a huge success for more than a decade, and still going strong with the recent downturn in the real estate market. Although ongoing problems still plague the real estate market, hundreds of clients keep turning to Groupwise to resolve their timeshare issues. We continue to help clients around the country, thanks to many years of experience and strong relationships in the resort industry.

At Groupwise, we focus on one thing: acquiring unwanted timeshares. In today's tough economic times, we offer assistance to resort property owners through a unique program in which their obligations are removed through financially-sound business practices

At Groupwise, our staff makes the difference every day in scores of transactions across the country. All of our employees are experienced, knowledgeable and caring because we understand the financial problems associated with owning an unwanted resort property. Our motto is "Simple, real solutions" because we continually dedicate ourselves to providing clients with honest and effective answers to their timeshare issues - answers that benefit everyone from start to finish.

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